Drive a Mercedes for Style, Luxury and to Save the Environment

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Drivers fall in love with their Mercedes, and it’s no wonder why. Made with European engineering, Mercedes-Benz cars are built to last. The quality and workmanship of Mercedes-Benz mean that your vehicle will last you a lifetime, just so long as you treat it right. This includes regular scheduled servicing, to change the oil, oil filter, air filter and keep an eye on any other moving parts.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are renowned for being the right combination of sports car driving with luxury interior and design. Renowned for style and innovation, Mercedes-Benz have made their way into the hearts of drivers the world over. In fact, the car maker has won the 2016 title of Global Luxury Car Sales due to their premium luxury vehicles and is set to do it again in 2017.

Although Mercedes-Benz are world leaders in the premium car industry, they face challenges with accommodating a newer audience of drivers that demand more environmentally driven features. It’s a fine line between wanting to drive a luxury car and wanting to save the world. Never the less, Mercedes is up to the challenge. Mercedes-Benz boasts itself as an environmentally conscious company, launching into the futuristic driving world of hybrid and electric vehicles.

They have taken on the feedback of their audience and are working on ways to bring new vehicles onto the market that can be both stylish and environmentally conscious. And, it’s not just recently that they have made this move either. Mercedes has long been looking for innovative ways to minimize the environmental impact that vehicles have on the world. Over the years they have implemented new technology in an ever-increasing attempt to lower their carbon footprint.

An example of this is the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 which has been marketed as producing lower CO2 emissions than its counterparts available on the market today.

Mercedes has also lead the way with the first 100 percent CFC free vehicle, and the first low-emission sports utility vehicle, the GLS. Part of their secret has been marketed as ‘Blue Efficiency’. The technology behind Blue Efficiency is an advanced diesel fuel injection system that provides more powerful engine performance, with fewer engine emissions. There are 20 models of vehicle available under the Blue Efficiency label. This means you can drive a more environmentally friendly vehicle without sacrificing on engine power.

Currently, Mercedes has 58 models available on the market that are considered environmentally friendly choices. You no longer have to forgo luxury or style, in an attempt to lower your carbon footprint. Every day more research into cleaner, greener technology will deliver even greater improvements. It’s exciting to imagine and predict what the future may hold.

Whether you drive a Mercedes because you care about the environment or just because you appreciate the luxury, style and driving experience, you still need to take care of your car. Most Mercedes-Benz owners will appreciate the luxury of their vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar to have it serviced.

Most dealers will encourage you to return to the dealership for servicing, which is fine if that’s the way you want to go. However, it could end up costing you a lot more each time you get you get your car serviced. Taking your car to PMW will save your wallet, while still giving you a quality service in accordance with dealer specifications. Regular servicing is also important for the environment as a poorly maintained engine may be emitting more dirty emissions than one kept in prime condition.

So now you can save the environment and save yourself some cash at the same time!