Protecting Children Using Identification Programs

Do you know that thousands of children are reported missing each year? These statistics are becoming worrying regarding the fact that institutions and parents are reluctant to put in place ways to combat the issue. One of the ways to enhance security is by coming up with an identification program that involves both the school and the parents. Being able to provide the required information quickly is one of the best ways to save a kid. When information is sent electronically, law enforcement agencies can act faster to get the word out.

The Role of Schools in Child Protection

Many daycares and schools offer a program where they take pictures of your child to enable them to begin the identification procedure. Using the photo, fingerprints and a physical description of the kid, they come up with identification cards to provide accurate info at all times. Other information that you need to have on the card includes the address, emergency contact information and whether the kid has any medical conditions or not. It is important that each kid has an ID card, which should be carried in the bag all the time. You can have another copy for easy replacement.

Your Role as a Parent

What if the school doesn’t have an identification program in place? Then it requires you as the parent to step up and make sure your kid has an identification card. You can create one easily even if you don’t have the technical skills. And you know what- you can do everything right from design to printing from the same platform – just visit EasyID Solutions Inc!

The process of designing the cards is simple, all you need is to have the information ready and input it into the online design program. The program gives you various templates that you can use to create the cards. You need a recent, clear photo of your kid, the names, address and emergency contacts. Having IDs is vital especially when you have several kids in school. Law enforcement authorities also know the importance of these IDs and will encourage the parents to get them for identification and safety.

Have the Right Holder

As much as you try to get an ID for the kid, you need to make sure it is protected from the weather elements and the effects of regular handling. One way to do this is to have a plastic holder, which retains the clarity and prevents the information from getting rubbed off. Kids are playful and curious, and they need a casing to hold the ID card while they play.

Final Thoughts

A responsible parent ought to find ways to safeguard the kids from the time they leave the house for school till they come back in the evening. One of the ways to do this is to make sure the kids have an identification card wherever they go. The card ought to display the full names of the kid, the name of the parent, the address and the various emergency phone numbers.