What are Some of the Top Kid-friendly iPad Cases on the Market Today?

Having kids is fun, and having gadgets adds some appeal to the whole ensemble. But this comes at a price; the way kids handle your iPad isn’t the same way you handle it. This is why you can now find many protective and child-friendly cases specifically designed for the use of the little ones. These cases are bright in color and made from soft yet easy to grip material. The material also offers knock and impact protection while lasting long. Only one problem, though – the cases are many, yet you have to choose the best one. We present the top iPad cases for your scrutiny.

1. Gumdrop Drop Tech Color Case

This case offers full drop protection and shock absorption for your kids. The case comes in different bright colors to make sure it appeals to your child. The design makes use of double layers to ensure maximum shock absorption. The corners are reinforced with rubber bumpers for those moments when the child drops the iPad – by chance or deliberately. The case comes with an integrated snap-on screen for additional protection.

2. iGuy Freestanding Case

This case from Speck Products is fully kid-tested. It features full foam construction, making it light enough for easy handling by your kids. The free-standing feature keeps the case vertical, giving the little ones a perfect viewing angle. The design is in such a way that the iGuy fits all the iPad models. The iGuy comes with small side arms that are squeezable to make it fun to hold for your kids.

3. DeeMall Thomas Multi-Function Child Shock Proof Case

This case comes with a full arsenal of features, giving you a stand, protective case, and a handle. Eight color options give you a world of choice. The side arms are enclosed in textured rubber material that I easy to grip, reducing the risk of dropping the case. The case is designed to give access to all ports for easy charging. The foam material is non-toxic, making it safe for your kids.

4. iBallz Originals for IPad

This case uses a different yet innovative approach to the whole child-use protection concept. The design makes use of four foam balls that sit on each corner of the IPad. The balls are held in place by a taut elastic cord that runs from corner to corner. The concept behind this idea is that the balls prevent the corners of your IPad from coming into contact with a flat surface in case it drops.

The balls also stop the iPad from coming into contact with any sticky or wet surface. In case your kid drops the IPad, the balls absorb the impact of the force. The elastic cord that runs around the edge also serves as a hanger to hold the gadget in place for easy viewing. You can get a typing angle by removing one of the balls and placing it underneath the tablet. You can decide to add a Lid case to the whole mix to add protection to the screen.

5. PEPKOO Spider IPad Case

If you want your gadget to live to tell the tale of spills, drops and scratches then you need this case. The case gives you a built-in screen guard and comes with stand clip-ons to allow you mount it in your car or on your kid’s bike. The frame is shatter resistant and also uses silicone to absorb shocks arising from an impact. An integral display shield protects the IPad from dust and water. You have the alternative of sealing ports to help protect from dust and sand.

6. Cooper Cases Grabster IPad case

This is the perfect case for those little, clumsy and eager hands. The case comes with four handles, one on each side. The case is predominantly made of sturdy rubber bumper drop proof material. You can also use it as a carry case for the times when you head to the park. It also comes with a screen protector to keep your screen safe from smudges and cracks. Customized cutouts allow you access to the ports, speakers, buttons, and cameras.

7. Kids Shock Proof Timmy Train Case

If your child loves bright colored train sets, then this case makes the perfect item to own. The design comes with an extra thick Foamex padded layer to make sure your IPad is safe for those times when your kid drops it down. It comes with a kickstand at the back, ideal when you have to watch the episode of the kid’s favorite cartoon for the hundredth time.

Let the Kids Play

There are a lot of playthings for your kids out there, but kids are curious and will want to handle your gadget. You need to protect the device by getting one of the specially-designed kid-friendly yet protective cases. You can find information on these cases and more on iThingum, information that helps you make the perfect choice for your needs.